SJT Preparation

The most popular SJT course | Complete preparation platform

Complete preparation platform

Most popular SJT course

Realistic online mock

Comprehensive question library

Highly regarded preparation method consistently peer reviewed and updated by a growing cohort of doctors who have sat the SJT

Fully updated content for 2023 to cover all question types in line with UKFPO guidance and important information regarding the new testing process

Realistic online mock exam – Test yourself with original questions under timed exam conditions to familiarise yourself with the format and gauge your current performance level.

Analysis of SJT domains and scenarios key to understanding the test

Explanation by FY1s and FY2s of how SJT scenarios mirror real experiences and how you can apply this to the test

Discussion of core concepts drawn from GMC and UKFPO guidance and applicability to the SJT

Open Q & A throughout to address key issues

Exclusive online resource with 100 original SJT scenarios for course attendees – test yourself again with a further 100 questions and worked answers

Direct email support with a consultant at any time

About us

We are solely dedicated to preparing students for the SJT

We teach more students year on year than any other course, with verified scores consistently high above national average.

At SJT Preparation we place a high value on the people we select to design, refine and deliver our course. That is why we only choose doctors who have recently faced preparation for the SJT. They have studied its structure and format in detail and compiled their experience and knowledge of preparation to produce a formula that maximises potential to score top marks in the test.

All our doctors are now practising in highly competitive posts across the United Kingdom and are proud to be able to offer a comprehensive and up to date course on how to prepare thoroughly for the SJT.

The intensive full day course will support you to equip yourself with the understanding and skills required to prepare for SJT success.

The SJT score accounts for 50% of the mark used to rank and match final year medical students to the UK Foundation Programme. The weight it carries is impossible to ignore and preparing thoroughly is essential to avoid disappointment.

SJTPreparation stresses that revising for the test is not possible, but that thorough, organised and focused preparation is the key to success.

Our Mission

We believe every medical student should enter their SJT fully prepared to maximise their potential and secure their first choice foundation programme.

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1) Enrol

Secure your place today - Book onto one of our 2023 UK wide SJT Preparation courses. Some say failing to prepare is preparing to fail. We say that too.

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2) Prepare

Attend your local course. Understand the techniques our consultants used when preparing for the SJT to learn how to prepare for success.

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3) Engage

You’ve been to our course. You’ve drawn on our expertise. You’ve sat our formative test. Now apply the edge you have to enhance your score.

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4) Secure

Look forward to FPAS allocation results day March 2024. Thanks to planning ahead, you have increased your potential to secure your first place Unit of Application.

What's included?

  • Full day course
  • All question types explained
  • From doctors who have prepared for the SJT
  • Breakdown of exam structure
  • Detailed coverage of all 5 SJT domains
  • Realistic online mock test
  • New testing process explained
  • Dedicated eBook with 100 SJT scenarios
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As the UK’s most popular SJT support provider we’re proud to be associated with the UK’s leading medical defence organisation, the Medical Defence Union (MDU).

The MDU is a not-for-profit organisation led by doctors with real-life experience of the pressures and challenges faced in practice.

We offer members guidance, support and defence for medico-legal issues, complaints and claims. Our members now get the best rates on SJT Preparation courses too!