Why attend SJT Preparation?


SJT Preparation is the most popular SJT course provider. Not only do more students attend our course than any other course, but they also achieve exceptional results.


Our students consistently score high above the national average. We obtain verifiable results which prove that year upon year those who attend strengthen their position in the national rankings.


We rely on a team of consultants rather than one or two individuals. Every year our team conducts an in-depth review to ensure that course content is maximised to ensure your success.

What people say about us

Rather than commission questionable blog posts and anonymise dubious feedback, here are a few of the personal testimonies we received...

Really good day. Feel a lot more prepared for the SJT. Thank you! SJT well explained from an FY1 point of view. A Sunday well spent!Jade Singh

This course was of a much better standard than another course I went on. The presenters + questions were much more closely aligned with SJT sample questions. Venetia Allan

Really useful course + greatly increased my knowledge of what to expect for the SJT.Emily Ross

A very thorough and organised course. Gives a good grounding and places candidate in a good position in preparation for the SJT. Having gone through questions individually, it gives a good idea of what is required to approach the SJT. A very good course and highly recommend to others! Rahim Tabassum

Very detailed run through of core domains with good explanations.Brendan Chan

I feel much more prepared for the SJT after this course. It was really helpful doing questions in an environment where you could discuss the issues afterwards. Lindsay McCall

Excellent. Really well structured. Very good teaching.Genevieve Vanderslott

Very useful in understanding what the SJT covers and how to approach the exam. Most useful: The breakdown of questions and explanations on how they relate to GMC governance Yallan Nimalathas

I have really enjoyed the course today. I have learned a lot and feel a lot more prepared! Thank you. Anna Chisholm

Very well organised and very comprehensive. Matthew Donaldson

Very informative + engaging. Good explanations of reasoning Shanvir Mann

Well organised. Lots covered. Good value for money. Katherine Sissons

Really well prepared presenters. Through explanation. Peter Boxall

Great structure. Good explanation. Very professional. Andrew Martin

Very good overall. The structure is spot-on: concentrating on practice questions & immediate discussion thereof plus some explicit mini-lectures on specific topics, e.g. ethics, capacity. Very good idea to draw learning together under exam conditions. Anthony Ian Taylor

Good course, thank you. The 1 hour exam at the end was unique, much better than other courses. Tharinda Disanayake

Very useful to gain information from the doctors about their jobs as FY1/2s which helps in answering some of the SJT Q’s. Thanks. Cindy liu

Useful to dedicate a whole day to it. Can now start preparing more effectively than I would have if I had not done this course. Rosie Byars

Very good opportunity to practice questions and discuss answers. Good balance between theory covering core principles and questions. Radhica Ohri

Great course. Really happy with programme. Questions based much more helpful than any other format. Feel a lot more prepared. Emma brown

It has been a really intensive day but I feel much more prepared for the SJT now. John Tjoakarfa

Really good course that coved all 5 domains from GMP. The practice mock paper was extremely useful. Arrani Nirmalanantha

Really useful style of teaching with Qs + explanation. Helpful to break down domain. Very good - thank you. Rebecca Fisher

A very good course. Definitely made me more prepared for the SJT. Format was really good + the fact that we had lots of examples. Mariam Ali

A very well structured and presented course. I feel much more confident in approaching the SJT now. John Soothill

Definitely worth coming to, the tips are great. Nikhilesh Raut

Mock SJT is a great idea – people giving course are very good: easy to talk to and approachable. Edward Karam

Really useful + interesting day. Interactive + good explanations made it for more engaging and extremely useful. I feel more clued up and calm with regards to how to approach the SJT. Rosie Harrison

Well presented & thought through. Better than the other SJT course I went on. Victoria Tyndall

Excellent thank you, very helpful to have the booklet with slides also. Tavlene Banwaith

Excellent presentation style. Very approachable speakers :) Thank you for your help! Sarah Brennan

Really well delivered and mock paper was really beneficial especially as under exam pressure. Jill Liu

Clear and concise with lots of practice questions and good explanations. Justin

Very good practice exam, very helpful. Good amount of breaks. Found your approach to the SJT very helpful, logical, and unique (…) Paul Pulavar

Very useful, very patient, and friendly with students. Naomi Dennehey

Really good course, enjoyed and feel more confident! Isaac Mayo

Useful practice :) would definitely recommend. Jenny Stuart-Smith

Good structure, informed articulate speakers. Nicholas Scallan

The layout of the course today was excellent. I liked that there was information other than SJT given to us ie. Medicolegal and tips on being an FY1. Overall excellent. Alanna Bruce

Very well organised. Discussed all relevant points. Practice exam very useful. Rebecca McCall

Good to have lots of practice questions to explain the different domains. Felicity Montgommery

Great format - very good overview of domains + well explained rationales for answers. Imogen John

Good structure to the course, course material such as the booklet very useful and helpful, presenters were very helpful and pleasant. Binay Gurung

Very good mix of interactive sessions + theory. Pratice questions with explanations were very useful and helpful. Really enjoyed the course and appreciate the knowledge and professionalism. Arusa Latif

Really good, I know now how to approach questions + can concentrate on practicing. Eve Laycock