Our principle is to support you to achieve an exceptional result at an affordable price. Here are a couple of reasons why we do just that…

More students attend our course than any other SJT course, and they provide consistently high feedback for a reason. Our course is designed and delivered by junior doctors who have sat the SJT. Having been in your position recently, we have attended and reviewed other courses that are available. With our combined experiences and continuous process of peer feedback, we provide a unique course that offers you what we collectively found most useful. You will benefit from a course tailored to ensuring you score highly with comprehensive, in-depth, refined and up to date material based on the latest medical guidance.

We are proud that our approach to support your preparation helped last year's students score high above the national average, greatly strengthening their UKFPO application.

We believe the proven benefits of our course should be available at an affordable price. We believe in providing verified and honest results, rather than anonymised feedback and dubious scores. For extra good measure, we run our course content by medico-legal ethics experts to make sure it is second to none.

At a glance

  • Delivery of a proven preparation method recommended by current Foundation Programme doctors to improve your score
  • Fully updated content for 2019 to cover all question types in line with UKFPO guidance
  • Sit a mock SJT with original questions allowing you to practice under exam conditions. Your result will be mapped against a group EPM and emailed to you directly
  • Analysis of SJT domains and scenarios key to understanding the test
  • Explanation by FY1s and FY2s of how SJT scenarios mirror real experiences and how you can apply this to the test
  • Discussion of core concepts drawn from GMC and UKFPO guidance and applicability to the SJT
  • Open discussion forum to address key issues
  • Exclusive online resource with 100 original SJT scenarios for course attendees
  • Direct email support with a consultant at any time

Detailed Course Structure

UNDERSTAND - We begin the day with a detailed analysis of how and why the SJT came to exist. Our consultants provide a clear explanation of the reasons why Foundation Programme applicants are required to sit the test and how your score is used to rank you against all applicants. We realise that developing a thorough understanding of why you have to do something provides direction for completion of the task.

DEVELOP - Develop your knowledge of the five domains on which all SJT questions are based. Learn the best method for approaching the ranking questions and see how this is subtly different to the ‘most appropriate three from eight’ questions. As FY1s, our methods and approaches are tried and tested with proven success. We realise expanding knowledge of how scenarios are compiled and ranked supports students in maximising their scores.

ANALYSE - Focus on core content key to medical professionalism. Work together with our consultants to analyse issues surrounding team working, patient confidentiality, consent, capacity, Good Medical Practice, raising concerns, medical ethics, the ePorfolio, end of life care and personal beliefs. All of the content we cover is fully up to date to include the most recent GMC guidance.

QUESTION - Follow step-by-step guidance from our consultants progressing through questions with answers on each domain. Practice developing the skills required for SJT success under our guidance, then compare your progress and understanding to our benchmark. For transparency and fairness we encourage all questions in an open supportive domain – no private discussions are held. Our experience shows sharing answers strengthens collective understanding and ultimately engenders greater individual success.

TEST - Take our mock version of the test with completely original questions constructed by our consultants. Our course is unique as our statisticians map your individual test score against grouped EPM scores – replicating how the UKFPO mark you and helping us give you the most accurate representation of your current performance level. The more you know, the better you perform.


0845 – 0930 Registration
0930 – 1000 Introduction & Understanding the SJT
1000 – 1040 Domain one
1040 – 1100 Break 1
1100 – 1115 Preparing for success
1115 – 1150 Domain two
1150 – 1230 MDU medico-legal presentation
1230 – 1315 Lunch
1315 – 1355 Domain three
1355 – 1415 Key topics
1415 – 1445 Domain four
1445 – 1500 Break 2
1500 – 1540 Domain five
1540 – 1640 Mock test under exam conditions
1640 – 1650 Exit register


Domain 1 Commitment to professionalism
Domain 2 Coping with pressure
Domain 3 Effective communication
Domain 4 Patient focus
Domain 5 Working effectively as part of a team

SJT Dates